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The DCSabers Karasaga (limited all brass edition)

As Standard the CDCB is used predominantly by the Corporate security teams in the megatropolis of Light City, the Karasaga CDCB is a formidable weapon, capable of teaching the sharpest of lessons or equally as lethal for threat elimination.

The Karasaga CDCB comes DNA locked to the user as standard..

However deep in the filth and depths of the Light City slums, teams of capable Web-Runners and underworld tech pirates hack these sought after weapons, amplify their out puts and sell them on the black market for exuberant amount of chits..

Lethal. Capable. Devastating.

The Karasaga Civil Disobedience Correction Baton


All brass split hilt and heavy weight construction makes this saber feel like the real deal

Deep BOOMING resonance, fire this up and feel the power through the hand

Led filiments webbed through the hilt, with customisable pulsing FX.

New custom font set up loaded into a Proffie V3.9 all housed in an ABS hand painted Removeable battery capability chassis.

This saber comes included with a Baton Pixel Stick 2 blade.

Batteries not included.

2 year warranty.

DCSabers Karasaga

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